Diplomatic Staff

Amb.Dr. Adonia Ayebare

Permanent Representative

Ambassador Adonia Ayebare is a Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Uganda at the United Nations New York. He has been Senior Adviser Peace and Security at the African Union Permanent Observer Mission at The United Nations New York. He also served as the Deputy Permanent Representative and Charge' d'Affaires a.i. of Uganda to the United Nations. He also served as the Director of the Africa Program at International Peace Institute a New York based think. Ambassador Adonia Ayebare is a career, Journalist by training and practice he was a journalist and has published for major regional and international publications.

Ambassador Adonia has practical experience in conflict prevention and mediation . He has worked with mediation teams on Burundi , Somalia and Sudan for over ten years . Ambassador Ayebare served as Head of Mission with the rank of ambassador in Rwanda and Burundi from 2002-2005 and subsequently became principal adviser and special envoy of Uganda to the Burundi peace process. As Uganda held the chairmanship of the Burundi peace initiative, he worked closely with South African and Tanzanian mediators, as well as with Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza and his predecessors. He was recently requested to assist the Uganda ruling party the NRM and the opposition FDC to work on the dialogue to institute reforms and reduce political tension in the country.

Ambassador Ayebare is a holder of two Masters Degree from Long Island University, New York and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, and a certificate in International Security from Kennedy School Harvard University. He has two Doctorates from Indiana University, with residence at the United Nations New York and Rutgers University New Jersey, USA.

Amb. Philip Ochen Odida

Deputy Permanent Representative
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Amb. Duncan Muhumuza Laki

UN Sixth Committee, International Candidatures and Elections
Tel: +1(212)949-0110 Ext 111
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Maj. Gen. Silver Kayemba

Military Advisor
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Ms. Aisa Ismail

Minister Counsellor
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Mr. Rauben Byereta

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Mr. John Baptist Kayobosi

Minister Counsellor
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Mr.Tom Onyai Manano

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Mrs. Caroline N. Magambo

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Florence Kyasiimire

First Secretary

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Mrs. Annet Kabuye

Third Secretary
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Janet Gimbo Kirya

Financial Attache
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